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About Rhino Linings of St. Marys

Rhino Linings of St. Marys has been a family owned and run company since 2005. The owner, Randy Brem, has 25 years of experience in the powder metal industry as maintenance/facility manager and 20 years of experience owning his own lawn care business. He expanded his interest to include Rhino Linings in hopes of not only growing the sprayed on truck bed liner division of the business but also to promote the products for uses in the industrial field such as fuel tanks, holding tanks, shower rooms and automation grippers to name a few.

Rhino Linings products has several different materials for different applications, Rhino Linings of St. Marys is continually exploring uses for the material. Because of the variety of material available, Randy works closely with individuals and companies to decide which of the products best fits their project.

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